Lead – Robert Froese

Robert Froese, PhD RPF CF

Associate Professor and Director, Ford Center and Forest
College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Michigan Technological University

PhD 2003, Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Sciences, University of Idaho
MF 2000, Forestry, University of British Columbia
BSF 1995, Forest Resource Management, University of British Columbia

RPF No. 3531, Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals
CF No. 45989, Society of American Foresters

I started at Michigan Tech as an Assistant Professor in 2003, after completing my doctoral work at the University of Idaho under Dr. Andrew Robinson. The focus of my dissertation was testing and improvements to the large-tree basal area increment model developed by Wykoff (1990) for the Prognosis Model, a single-tree forest growth and yield model. My research focus is on forest biometrics, principally modelling and analysis of forest growth and yield, responses to silviculture and site conditions. More recently I’ve been exploring methods for modelling forest inventory using remote sensing data.